Benefits of getting AWCC certified

You are already certified in wound care so why take the Advanced Wound Care Concepts course? If you feel that knowing just enough is good enough, then this course is not for you. If you want to be the go-to expert among your peers in wound care, receive recognition and respect, provide the best bedside care possible, have the ability to increase your earning potential, and have a knowledge base above and beyond just the basics with the credentials to back it up then this course is for you!
This course not only provides information on the latest and greatest in advanced wound care products and reimbursement, but it also furnishes the learner with explicit techniques and information on modalities such as negative pressure wound therapy, skin substitutes and cellular tissue products, ultrasound therapy, compression therapy, debridement, and many more adjunctive therapies. This course is taught to provide conceptualization so that the student will not only learn how but why, when, and where. Everything you need to provide better outcomes for clinicians, providers and, most importantly, patients.
Knowledge is power. Now is the time to empower yourself and jump to the next level wound care.

As a result of this increase in objective, neutral and unbiased knowledge on advanced wound care products and reimbursements, our graduates will….

  1. Deliver better results at the bedside by using the appropriate product at the appropriate time with the appropriate patient for the appropriate reasons.  This will lead to faster healing rates and less pain for patients
  2. Be able to more actively engaged in product formulary development and more valuable to your employer.  Be a better gatekeeper the the ever present product Marketing efforts that today create inconsistent results and no best practice evolution
  3. To have knowledge be constantly updated (product and science is moving very quickly and being on top of new innovation and better results will be a difference maker bedside)
  4. Enjoy Improved employment benefits
    1. Become the go-to person at your facility regarding product selection and usage
    2. More respect from your peers  in the workplace
    3. Upward mobility
    4. New employment opportunities with industry partners
    5. Generate healthier incomes
    6. Improved interactions with product reps
  5. Further their quest for knowledge as lifelong learners

Empowering the Extraordinary Clinician

“We are proud to be leading the charge in bringing powerful education to support our clinical clients that we know will positively impact patient healing outcomes,''

Benefits of getting AWCC certified

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